International Project for Low and High Technics in Contemporary Media Art

Critique of Pure Image – Between Fake and Quotation

A project of the Art Today Association
in collaboration with Code Flow
written and curated by Dimitrina Sevova



Nike Ground
Video installation and 6 digital prints, 2003.


“We’re pushing boundaries in any medium we can get our hands on” 0100101110101101.ORG, a band of media artists who use non-conventional communication tactics to obtain the largest visibility with the minimal effort. Past works include staging a hoax involving a completely made-up artist, ripping off the Holy See and spreading a computer virus as a work of art. Nike buys streets and squares: Guerrilla marketing or collective hallucination? In September 2003 the news went out nationwide: “Karlsplatz, one of Vienna’s main squares, is soon to be renamed Nikeplatz. Apart from the new name, it appears that a huge monument in the shape of Nike’s famous “Swoosh” logo will be built in Nikeplatz.” Needless to say, it was all fake. The one-month campaign provoked the reactions of Vienna’s citizens, city officials and, of course, the Nike group, which denied any involvement and started legal action to put an end to the bizarre performance. This almost unbelievable prank is the work of the artist duo known as 0100101110101101.ORG, who this time tricked an entire city: Vienna.

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