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Critique of Pure Image – Between Fake and Quotation

A project of the Art Today Association
in collaboration with Code Flow
written and curated by Dimitrina Sevova


The Centre of Attention

Magazine No. 2 and 3
3 video compilations (No. 2-1, 50 min., 2002; No. 2-2, 40 min., 2002; No. 3, 60 min., 2003). The Centre of Attention Magazine shows a “best of” through images of recent shows and performances, art videos and BBC interviews.


The Centre of Attention is curated by Pierre Coinde and Gary O’Dwyer. Its experimental approach stems from an ongoing enquiry into the phenomenon of art production, presentation, consumption and heritage-ization. The Centre has no fixed premises and though many of the early shows took place at 15 Cotton’s Gardens, Shoreditch, most have been presented in different venues across London and internationally. It has been termed “a hotbed of democratic activity” (The Guardian), as it has consistently sought to show London’s new generation of emerging artists in context.

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