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Critique of Pure Image – Between Fake and Quotation

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in collaboration with Code Flow
written and curated by Dimitrina Sevova


Florian Agalliu and Eri Daka (LK47)

Tirana-Prishtina 385 km: Escaping the Matrix
Three-screen video installation with comfortable sitting area, 2005.


Florian Agalliu is a curator, writer and media artist, Eri Daka is a media artist, both based in Tirana and Prishtina. They set up LK47 as a cell to drive an alternative and independent network of field intervention in/on the passage territory connecting Tirana and Prishtina, under the heading of Tirana-Prishtina 385 km. Their aim is to research the geographical paths of physical use of the territory and learn the “paths of human interest,” as well as build channels of communication with the displaced and socially perceived foreigners, through a series of interventions, producing new images of identity. Tirana-Prishtina 385 km: Escaping the Matrix The video, a porn remake of “The Matrix,” reflects a situation of “fake” conflict on the main university square of Prishtina, as well as the “fake” involvement of all the people who are hired to work on it (including ourselves), all of us one-phone-call-away from whatever problems Kosovo might have… The most important and biggest square of Kosovo, the ultimate space of representation, serves as a perfect example of conflicting dreams over the future of Kosovo, represented by the images generated by the unfinished Orthodox church – consecrated to the Serbian dream of the promised land, versus the images generated by the daily prayer on the library grounds of young Albanian Muslim boys – supposedly representatives of the new, vast majority…


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