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Oliver Kielmayer

WeAreTheArtists: Get Real!
Mixed-media installation with a specific space, text and a selection of unfinished or abandoned videos, 2005. Included in the selection are videos by Gernot Wieland, Aleksander Komarov, Irina Botea, Enisa Cenaliaj, Christina Hemauer, Susanne Kriemann, Petra Maitz, Irene Weingartner, Kunstfly, Philippe Winninger, Ursula Palla, Aurelio Kopainig and Paulina Egle Pukyte.


Oliver Kielmayer was born in 1970, studied art history, lives and works in Zurich as an independent curator. Previously worked as curator of the Kleines Helmhaus in Zurich (2000-2002), as director of the artists-in-residence program of the Künstlerhaus Boswil (2001-2004) and a number of other spaces. Starting next year, he will be curator of the Kunsthalle Winterthur. He is the founder of the WeAreTheArtists network and newspaper, which arose out of his contacts with resident artists in Boswil. The installation consists of an open room in which a selection of videos from the collection of WeAreTheArtists are projected. These are not self-standing works in the sense of a masterpiece, but rather elements or preparatory stages towards complete works, unfinished work, brainstorming or scrap material – what we like to call video sketches. A textual contribution in the form of wallpaper adds to the context.

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